personal life coach hawaii, spiritual life coach hawaii, life coach hawaiiHiyaguha brings her beautiful light-filled presence to her coaching. Her years in counseling are evident in the way she holds me accountable and stays with me through my excuses. She knows just when to challenge and when to empathize. She helped me to create a plan of action that was just what I needed to get beyond my myopia and begin to envisage how I might fit into the bigger picture. Her vision for me enlarged the vision I had for myself. I became able to understand who I am innately and discovered possibilities I didn’t know existed!. I knew I enjoyed writing, but thanks to Hiyaguha I am now able to own myself as a writer and I have begun a book. – JEAN RHUDE, Wailua, Hawaii

Our conversations have been so helpful in leading me to clarity and expressing the deep pain of spiritual disillusionment with someone who truly understands. Thank you for your deep listening, your compassion, and your wisdom. You have the gift of hearing beneath my words the truth that can lead me to honor my soul’s need for patient care as I heal.–AUDREY HARRIS, Denver, CO

Thanks to your support, I am getting more sleep and exercise, and I just started meditating more. I am grateful for that.
– EILEEN A. CAIN, Ph.D, Honolulu, Hawaii

I found myself in the unlikely position of having just lost my husband to Lymphoma Cancer. When it dawned on me that I would not only have to go through the excruciating grief of losing my husband, but I would also have to find a new place to live and get a job it felt like more than I could bear alone. Turning to Hiyaguha for help was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hiyaguha was literally my life-line. With Hiyaguha’s compassionate help, I gained an enormous respect for my body’s innate wisdom; every tear, pain, feeling, or sensation comes with a purpose that deserves to be respected. I’ve developed an emotional ecology that is based on reverence for the cycles of life. And I’m confident in my ability to live and love again–not in the future–but right now!” — ELSA WEBER, Cary, North Carolina

You are a delight to work with….your listening picks up what is most meaningful…. and you express what you hear so clearly….I really feel heard in your presence. –BEA ENRIGHT, Princeville, HI

Through Hiyaguha’s insightful yet gentle questioning and recommendations I was led to transform my unproductive beliefs about abundance and marketing. With affirmations and commitment to key goals, I am well on the way to eventually having a thriving practice. Not only have I doubled the number of clients I work with, but I have made significant enhancements to the services I offer.” —SHARON DOUGLAS, Kalaheo, Hawaii

When I came to coaching, I was ending a lifelong career and needed prospects for a new career. The sessions with Hiyaguha have enabled me to break things down into practical pieces that are easier to manage and have empowered me to see that the answers are there. It’s a rare opportunity these days to have someone like Hiyaguha to just listen. My heartfelt thanks to you, Hiyaguha.”
RENUKA O’CONNELL, Acton, Massachusetts

“Before I met with Hiyaguha,I kept kicking myself for not doing more things in my life. But Hiyaguha helped me to see that I ALREADY HAVE and DO almost everything that I most love and need. Wow!! So now I feel happier. Even though I think I’m very insightful, having done decades of inner work, I was delighted that Hiyaguha zoomed in on things I wasn’t seeing or appreciating. VERY worthwhile!” MIKI KAIPAKA, Lihue, Hawaii

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