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Surprising Facts About Longevity

Have you ever noticed that in spite of the media blitz urging you to eat veggies and pump weights, some of the most health-conscious people you know seem to keel over at an early age, while others who eat junk and live fast keep on kicking up until the… Continue reading

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What’s Your Crowd Tolerance?

Do you hate when the beach fills up, when your favorite store is mobbed, when the restaurant has no breathing room between tables? Do you turn anxious or ugly when the crowd closes in on you, when you get jostled?I remember reading, years ago, that the… Continue reading

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Radical Laughter

A few days ago, I watched a video called The Laughing Club of India. The film tells the story of an Indian doctor named Madan Kararia, who was researching the health benefits of laughter when he decided to start a club to help people laugh. Every morni… Continue reading

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