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Leave the cult

The Leave the Cult Handbook offers solace, insight, and practical advice to anyone going through the devastating process of breaking away from a cult, church, or repressive organization. The book also helps family members and friends of people trapped inside of such organizations.

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interview tips

Learn interviewing secrets that will give you advantage over other candidates by teaching you what the employer really wants, how you can be one step ahead of interview questions, how you can not only relax but actually enjoy the interview, and how you can ask questions that raise your odds by a huge margin. With chapters to help you prepare ahead, look the part, perform in the hotseat, and ask for the offer.

Watch for other books in the Job Genius series, also coming soon.

Trek Factor, archetypes, Star TrekMost of us long for a mentor–someone who can guide us to become stronger, clearer, and better. The fictional characters in Star Trek can lead the way, showing us how to succeed and handle crises. Filled with fun assessments, live links to episodes, and life-altering exercises, this innovative book is bound to delight anyone who likes Star Trek–and self-exploration.

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