Forgiveness Coaching

forgiving others, forgiving yourself, forgiving your parents, forgiving your mother, forgiving your familyFirst, a word about forgiving others. The problem with holding onto anger is that it keeps you in misery. It’s as if a fist inside of you is ready to strike, and where there’s a ready fist, it’s hard to feel happy. Also, holding onto anger ties you to the person you’re angry at. You will never be free of that person unless and until you find a way to forgive him or her.

It is important to recognize that forgiving does not mean allowing continuing abuse, or even necessarily being in contact with someone who severely hurt you in the past. Rather, forgiving lets you restore the normal flow of energy within yourself and opens your heart again to love. It means completely  accepting the sadness of the experience that led to pain, and embracing the lessons offered by that experience. It means letting go of anger and instead, cultivating wisdom, and that can be difficult. That’s where coaching can be so helpful. Dr. Cohen uses the TAT process, which can rapidly and completely shift the energy that has you bound in a knot. It helps you to relax even if you’ve been wronged, and to place the incident or problem in the hands of the Creator for healing. That way you can release the person to learn whatever lessons need to be learned and and wish them well.

Whether you need help forgiving your parents, or forgiving your children, or forgiving neighbors or friends or yourself or even people you barely know, this powerful approach can help to set you free and return you to the place of love and peace and joy where life feels good again.

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