Coping with Grief and Betrayal

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If you have experienced a loss or major transition, you might find that everyone in your life and everything within you pushes you to “get your life back on track.” You may feel that you should be ready to resume your former life, but losing a loved one or experiencing a betrayal can leave you with such overwhelming emotions that healing simply doesn’t happen at the pace you expect it to, and your former life may no longer be possible. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a rich life or that healing isn’t possible. It simply means that many people don’t fully heal from loss because they push forward too fast, or they try to return to a life and a self that no longer exists.

Dr. Cohen helps clients to recognize and honor the timetable they need to go through the healing cycle. During this period of profound distress, the process focuses on helping you to connect with your own inner strength and wisdom and to honor your emerging new self as your journey returns you to your center.

Methods used may include the Seasons of Change, Heroic Journey work, grief support, and TAT. These methods help you to fully process your loss, discover the the lessons it brings you, and move forward at the right time.

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