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career counseling hawaii, career counselor hawaii, career transition, career assessment, career pathWhether you need help choosing a career or moving through a career transition, coaching can be a great help. Dr. Cohen has helped many hundreds of people to find and flourish in the right career. She is the author of The No-Pain Resume Workbook and several columns about careers, has appeared on radio shows nationwide as a career specialist, has won awards from the National Business Employment Weekly for employment writing and has many years of background as an outplacement consultant, career counselor, and career transition specialist.

One of the big blocks to finding the right career path is thinking only inside the box. Many of us, when faced with having to choose a new career or still reeling from a recent job loss, let fear and habit drive the job search. Dr. Cohen will help you to find the right career path by leading you to inventory your gifts, dreams, and possibilities using co-active coaching, career assessment tools, Purpose Clarity work,  visioning, and intuitive discernment. If limiting ideas or fears are clouding your vision about what career options are available to you, she will use energy-meridian healing to help you break through. She uses the same approach for clients who need career development support.

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