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Do you want to take your vision into the world, stop your procrastinating, and be the person you are deep inside? If there’s a gap between what you want to create and your actual life, limiting beliefs most likely stand in your way and need to be cleared before even tackling other issues. Dr. Cohen is a Hawaii-based life coach who uses a systematic approach can help you in overcoming fear and eliminating the limiting beliefs that stand in your way. Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) in particular can help you to quickly identify and then weed out unproductive thought patterns and behaviors, as can Heroic Journey work.

Telephone Coaching Outperforms Meeting in Person

Studies show that people who get counseling or coaching by telephone make at least as much progress as those who meet with a counselor or coach in person. In fact, there’s research showing that telephone counseling may work better, and that people who … Continue reading

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