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Dr. Hiyaguha Cohen is a Hawaii based coach who offers counseling on divorce, cult-recovery, adjustment after major life changes, loss, and low self-esteem. She also helps individuals who want to improve their work life or create a more meaningful life aligned with their creative and spiritual values.

Telephone Coaching Outperforms Meeting in Person

Studies show that people who get counseling or coaching by telephone make at least as much progress as those who meet with a counselor or coach in person. In fact, there’s research showing that telephone counseling may work better, and that people who … Continue reading

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A Ritual to Let Go of the Past

Sometimes, letting go of an old hurt or problem takes more than an act of will. You consciously make an effort to forget about it, you talk to friends and counselors, you write about it, you pray and meditate—and still, the issue nags you like a mosq… Continue reading

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